The BookS

Hi, Merlin 'Cracky' Crackfoot here. I've been asked to write a bit about the Sacred Wind book, which I'm happy to do. But I've got my new recipe, the Souffle of Suspicion, in the oven so I'll have to be quick.

I bumped into Aiden Peersey not long after he arrived in Llangollen (well, our Llangollen). He was a nice lad, but I knew straight away that he wasn't from around here. For a start, it was obvious that he'd never met any sentient sheep, conscious curries or beautiful faeries before. And he had this thing he called a 'Smartphone'. Apparently, because it worked on the principle of quantum computing, it shifted him into our reality. Sounds hard to believe but he seemed genuine, plus no-one from around here would have such scruffy hair.

After taking him to The Grand Carnival of Shearing and Hoof Waxing, in the park, I introduced him to Oldfart Olafson, the manager of Sacred Wind. Well, things took off a bit after that. After becoming their sound engineer, he got caught up with the rest of us in a bid to thwart the plans of the evil Baron Blacktie. The Baron had discovered that a cheese mine owned by Sacred Wind's drummer, Agnar the Hammered, contained a magic cheese, although we didn't know this at the time. Well, he offered Sacred Wind the chance to play in the prestigious Cestrian Music Tournament, but only if they gave him the mine as a bond. I knew he was up to something sneaky, he always is. And he had the cheek to send his two spies, Hob and Nob, to kidnap the Queen Ophelia. He kept her in a dingy cell, without her comb.

So, we had little option but to begin a quest to win the tournament, to win back the cheese mine, and to free the beautiful Queen Ophelia. We faced many dangers on the way; unspeakable terrors and some particularly dodgy curries. It really was some adventure. And it's all detailed in the books.

Right, I must get the Souffle out of the oven. Then I've got to prepare the starter, The Prawn Cocktail of Peril.

Merlin 'Cracky' Crackfoot (Proprietor – Cracky's Diner).